New US Census Reveals The City With The Most Gay Couples

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Gay couples are thriving in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau recently released the data from their 2019 Community Survey, as the Associated Press reports. The survey asked respondents their relationship to the householder (the person who rents or owns a home and whose name is on the deed/lease). The results revealed that same-sex couples living together, and, specifically ones with married couples, are on the rise.


Of the 980,000 same-sex households that responded to the survey, 58 percent were married and 42 were unmarried couples. In addition, the female-led households were in the majority with 53% over 47%.

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From there, the data went on to explain how same-sex households’ finances were different than their straight peers. On average, same-sex households tended to earn more income than their straight peers ($107,210 annually to $96,932). Splitting the same-sex households by gender, however, showed the inequality of women’s wages. Male-led households earn $123,646 while female-led households earn $87,690. In addition, both same-sex married men and male opposite-sex spouses exhibited higher labor force participation (90.0% and 86.2%) compared to their female peers (71.4% and 83.2% for straight and LGBTQ women respectfully).

Lastly, the results found the most populated areas for same-sex households across the U.S. In the end, Washington, D.C. was the most reported city where respondents lived. 2.4 percent of respondents said they lived in Washington, D.C. After that came Delaware (1.3%), Oregon (1.2%), Massachusetts (1.2%), and Washington State (1.1%).

Source: the U.S. Census Bureau, the Associated Press,

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