New York Aspiring Stripper Faces Life In Prison

New York Aspiring Stripper Faces Life In Prison

Geoffrey Tracy Claims Roommate Tried Molesting Him!

According to Back2Stonewall, Bodybuilder and Aspiring Stripper, Geoffrey Tracy stabbed his 50-year-old, gay roommate, Gregory Kanczes, last month in New York. Tracy pleaded not guilty, claiming self-defense as he was being molested while he slept. Self-defense … but Kanczes was stabbed 16 times, hmm. Tracy has changed his story on the stab-ation and was stoned during the attack. It appears the two roommates slept in the same bed together.

Yikes! Talk about taking a roommate argument to the next level! I mean, sure, sometimes you truly blow your gasket when dishes are left in the sink for too long or the shower stains have gotten to be too much, but a sane, grown person would never actually murder their roommate.





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Kanzces was taken to the hospital in critical condition and his current status remains unclear.

Tracy pleaded not guilty to attempted murder this week, even turning down a plea deal. If convicted, he’ll face life without parole.

This sounds like a tale as old as time in the gay community. A young-lost boy begins living with an older man with promises of a better life. The older “roommate” clearly wants more than just a platonic roommate and sex is put on the free-rent agreement.  There a desire and then a demand of some affection for his generosity, but unfortunately, the younger roommate just wants a place to crash.

We need to think using both heads people. Both parties may be in the wrong here. May the stabbing victim Kanzces have a quick recovery and hopefully Tracy will not be wielding a knife to end any arguments in the near future.

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