New York City Drag Dynamo Logan Hardcore; On Finding Balance, Being a “Wild Card”, & Her Fire Island Love Affair

If you have never seen the powerhouse known as Logan Hardcore perform, this year’s 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots will be the absolute best time to do it. If there’s anyone that could serve as a template for baby drag queens just getting there sea legs, it’s Ms. Hardcore. From Fire Island to New York City and back again, this dynamo knows how to keep her crowd captivated and always guessing. I sat down for a chat with Logan Hardcore, one of the premier performers in New York City and we looked back on her career so far and talked about her future. From the New York drag scene to the possibility of a Drag Race stint to her the special place in her heart for Fire Island, Logan Hardcore definitely was not at a loss for words.

Michael Cook: For those that have never seen Logan Hardcore on stage, how would you describe your performance style and “drag” as a whole?

Logan Hardcore: Intense. Ever Changing. Wild Card. You never really know what you are going to get. I always call my show a “runaway train”; sometimes we stick to the set list and sometimes its all over the place. I play to the audience always. I have a pretty standard set up of my show, where i want certain numbers, but it doesn’t always go that way. I do alot of audience interaction and comedy. I like to banter and have fun. The audience changes every show, so does my show because of that. If you cant take a joke, DO NOT COME SEE ME.  I am not on stage to play to your happiness. I am an insult comic and I like to push the boundaries. Over the years, it’s gotten harder for me to do what I like to do because everyone is so sensitive now, but I have made a promise to myself not to water my show down.

MC: You are known to perform some real dance floor stompers as well as some great mixes. How do you choose your material? Any favorites that really stand out?

LH: I like to do crowd favorites. I have been doing a lot of my mixes for over eight years. My “And im Telling You I’m Not Going To Rehab” mix is in every show as the finale. I have stopped dancing as much, i gained alot of weight (now down 26lbs) and was generally unhealthy and making unhealthy choices which made dancing hard for me. Thats when my mic skills sharpened. As for what material to do now, i like to start with artists, then choose the songs, and always throw in a few fun mixes.

LH: How did Logan Hardcore get her start in the extremely competitive New York City drag scene?

MC: I have been doing drag for eleven years. I was doing it before it was “fun” and “cool”. When I started, it was almost looked down upon. I started because I was living with Epiphany and then Epiphany and Acid Betty, so it was a natural fit. I also wanted to be able to go out and party when I moved here at seventeen years old and this was one way to do it. As someone whos always performed some way or another it was just a perfect fit.

LH: Fire Island has a special place in your heart. Tell me about your love affair with the island…

MC: Fire island…Jesus. I went out to Fire Island my first summer in New York City. Within seconds, I knew I was somewhere special. I come from a small town, where being out was not easy. I was always the freak and all of that. This place was not that. There was a celebration for you being you. It was safe. It was fun. It was gay summer camp. I quickly was doing guest spots, and one day filled in for Ariel Sinclair at a pool show; I will never forget it. It was raining outside, I did the whole show by the pool anyways, and they were filling garbage bags with money people were throwing in the pool!  I had found something special. I spent ten years as a regular at the Ice Palace. I, along with Dallas Dubois brought the pool show to Saturdays. I met my husband at the Ice Palace. I have made life long friends. I have grown closer to friends and I have made a second family. It was time for me to enjoy the island, and not just work on it. So this summer will be different, but of course I will still have performances out there!

MC: What are some of your career highlights so far?

LH: My ten years on Fire Island. Winning dance artist of the year at the Glam Awards three years in a row. Being the only weekly drag show at Stonewall Inn for seven years.

MC: What is left that you want to achieve as Logan Hardcore? Any aspirations to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race perhaps?

LH: I want to produce two shows. One is a story of my life from Arizona to here, there are some stories that just have to be told on the stage. Also, I want to do a stand up comedy show. For years I wanted to be on Drag Race, but now I would have to say no. I have a husband, I own a home, I have a day job, I am performing. I am very happy where my life is.

MC: Speaking of Drag Race, several New York City girls have won. How do you think the show as a whole has been for the drag community?

LH: I think the show has been great for our community. People are taking drag performers serious now. We are no longer a joke, or a show in the back of a bar that you talk over. We are a real source of entertainment now. I think it has made it a bit harder for those of us who are not on Drag Race to get the money we should, and also the respect but its better than where it was a few years ago.MC: You are part of a great group of ladies who are bringing a professional and smart perspective to drag in New York City. Who are some of your favorite sisters to perform with and why? What do you do when Logan Hardcore is not on stage?

Photo Courtesy-Preston Burford

LH: Without doubt my ride or dies are Brenda Dharling, Jada Valenciaga, Bianca Del Rio, and Ariel Sinclair; We just get each other. We have fun and it’s effortless. These girls have seen the best and worst of me and are still standing by me. Also I think each one of them is at the top of their game. I also have major respect for Bootsie Lefaris, I think she is easily one of the funniest drag queens I have ever met in my life and she does not get the recognition for it that she should.

When I am not on stage, I am a total home body. I like to be at 444 Couch-town USA. I have recently found a love for working out, so that’s been fun. I love to shop and dine out with my husband Todd of course. Going to the movies is an addiction. I also love a night out, but I left the “party scene” of needing to be in bars four nights a week many years ago.

MC: The gay community has had a very trying year and politically things are very dark. What do you think are the biggest issues facing our community and what do you see as your part in helping to address them?

LH: Listen, the gay community has an uphill battle in front of it. The biggest thing we can do is be educated when its time to vote and vote in every election for every office and vote people who are going to help our community not damage it. We cannot be complacient, that is how we (as a country) got here. I think people like Marti Gould Cummings who are out there literally on the line doing the work and helping to educate those of us who are not as involved in politics is a huge help and should be majorly thanked.

MC: What does “pride” mean to you?

LH: Pride to me is community. It is knowing who you are, living your truth, and living it to your fullest.

MC: Most importantly’-where can people see you perform?!

LH: Every Thursday at Stonewall Inn upstairs at 10pm
I’ll be on Fire Island throughout the season, to find out when follow me Instagram at @loganxhardcore

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