New York Giants Star Justin Pugh Trims Down and Opens Up

For anyone who is into big, beefy type dudes… Justin Pugh is your guy.  The New York Giants linesman is 6'4 and 301 pounds of pure handsomeness that I look tiny and puny next to him (I felt twinkish even).  

Justin took part in a Conair event this past Tuesday night inside Blind Barber in Manhattan.  It was to celebrate the launch of Conair Men, which are a line of fantastic shaving products designed to keep our faces looking tight and right throughout the year that includes a personal grooming kit and ear/nose trimmer to name a few. 

I headed towards the backroom where Justin was in all of his massive glory, and was instantly turned on by his charm, character, ease and coolness that made talking to him that much easier.  Even though his team isn't doing too well this season, he had an upbeat attitude about him as we talked right before he sat down to get a trim with some of the products that Conair has.  

He discussed with me about why he loves Conair products and who he draws inspiration from when it comes to his styling, as that can be tough given his height and size.  Check it out. 

What got you involved with Conair?

So I started with my Conair five years ago.  My best friend's mom used to work for Conair, and she got me connected and then… once you get a product that works and you love it and trust it, you use it forever.  They relaunched a new beard trimmer that has 48 settings and it keeps me looking great.  You can get as close as you want with the trim, keep it at different lengths, whatever works.

Well, your beard looks good (wink, wink).

Why, thank you!  It's something that I use right before games on Sunday, because you never know if I'm gonna score a touchdown this week, I'm going to need to make sure my facial hair looks on point.  

On top of your beard looking great, you also dress really well.  Do you have a style icon? 

I steal from a bunch of different people.  I see something I like, I take a picture of it because i'm so oddly shaped, I can't go into the store and buy it off the rack.  I get my stuff custom made, I take a picture and work with this company who would make my stuff. 

These suits I started wearing last year by a company called Point Click Tailor and its my buddy Frankie who would make these suits for me.  I got a green one, a burgundy one, all sorts.  I'm a lineman so people think I'm supposed to look and dress like Billy Bob from Friday Night Lights, just this unkept big, fat guy and I'm trying to break that mold.  

For more on Justin Pugh, check out his official Twitter

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