New York Subway Is Using Gender Neutral Greetings

Following in the foot steps of Transport for London, (TfL) the Metropolitan Transporation Authority (MTA) which is New York City's public transportation system, is also going gender neutral in its greetings to customers.

Workers have been told to stop using "ladies and gentlemen," but to use the gender neutral greetings of "passengers", ''riders", and "everyone".

This is part of a bigger roll out for the MTA as they work to address customer complaints and be more open and transparent in their communications with riders when it comes to delays and issues with transportation.

Jon Weinstein, MTA Spokesman, said that inclusiveness was a factor in the change. He also said that "Ladies and Gentlemen" will still be heard in pre-recoded messages until they are all phased out. 

It's great to see the MTA make this move, not only to make everyone feel more welcome but to have better communication with passengers.

Living in Chicago, I don't own a car, and knowing how my morning commute is going to go is always helpful. 

Great job MTA! Hopefully more cities will follow in your lead with their greetings of passengers. 

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