Newly-Elected Alabama Senator Doug Jones is Nothing but Proud of His Gay Son

It's been a fantastic week for newly-elected Alabama Senator Doug Jones, who narrowly-beat conservative Republican Roy Moore in a special election for a Senate seat.  Not only has it been a big week for him, but also for his son Carson, who made the rounds this week on several gay sites (in particular, ours) who was called a "thirst trap" for his cuteness and overall sex appeal.

He's speaking up about all of this in a new interview where he admits to not even knowing what a "thirst trap" was in the first place

The 22 year old zookeeper came out to his parents only 2 years ago.  Per Into: It was the day that the Supreme Court legalized marriage equality in a historic June 2015 ruling, and Carson was in Australia for the summer, living and working at the Australia Zoo. The decision came down overnight because of the time difference. As he was headed to work the next day, Carson saw a rainbow on his daily drive. He kept driving and saw another rainbow, followed by yet another one after that.

“Don’t wait,” Carson told his mother. “Read it now.”

His parents responded simply and promptly. “I love you,” they said.

He also talks in the interview about his odd life in high school, which saw him devote more than 6,000 hours at the zoo, the rough timing during his first visit to pride as it coincided with Trump getting elected, his glee about his father winning over Moore, and the exciting improvements he has seen in his state of Alabama and its acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

Way to go, Carson!


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