News Outlets Report The Late Night Event Was Attended By ‘Mainly Men’

(screen capture via EuroNews video)

A politician from Hungary’s conservative, anti-LGBTQ ruling party resigned from the European Parliament and apologized for breaking COVID lockdown restrictions to attend what the media has described as “a sex party above a Brussels bar.”

News outlets say the erotic soiree was attended by (cough, cough) “mainly men.”


The Guardian reports József Szájer, a senior member of Hungary’s Fidesz party who “personally re-wrote” his country’s constitution in 2011 to outlaw marriage equality, “was one of about 20 people, mainly men and including at least two EU diplomats,” who attended a ‘sex party’ on Friday evening.

Sarah Durant, a spokeswoman for the Brussels region’s deputy public prosecutor, told The Guardian Szájer apparently tried to elude the police by climbing out of a window and “fleeing along the gutter.” Durant added that “narcotics were found in his backpack.”

As he didn’t have any ID on him, Szájer was escorted to his home where “he identified himself as SJ (1961) by means of a diplomatic passport.” At that point, he tried to assert diplomatic immunity.


In a statement on his website, Szájer referred to the gathering “a house party.” He also acknowledged that police did find “an Ecstasy pill” in his backpack, but “it is not mine, I have no knowledge who and how it placed.”

Szájer resigned as a member of the European Parliament on Sunday without mentioning attending the ‘house party.’

Like many countries, Belgium is in the midst of a second surge of the coronavirus pandemic. As such, restaurants and bars have been closed, a curfew is currently in place, and public gatherings are limited to four people.


Apparently, a 20-person orgy violates all of the current restrictions.

The Guardian notes that Szájer bragged in 2011 that he personally drafted changes to the Hungarian constitution that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. “Steve Jobs will surely be happy when he gets word that Hungary’s new constitution is being written on an iPad, actually my iPad,” he announced in a blogpost.

As EuroNews mentions below, reports of Szájer taking part in a gay sex party becomes a “sticky” situation (as it were) for the anti-LGBTQ Fidesz party in Hungary.

(source: The Guardian)

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