Newscaster Has A Hard Time Reporting On “Sexual Harassment” Report.


Is this a case of "show us where the doll touched you."  Wait, that's a little backwards, but after seeing this report you will be reminded why some people need an L and an R on their shoes.

Cutie patootie news reporter Matt Molloy from Rochester, NY's ABC 13 news had the pleasure of reporting on an alleged sexual harassment case that is beyond comprehension.  Here's a video he recently posted to his Facebook page.





Yes, we have to spend court time and money on cases like these? smh. And it was in front of their minor children and minor grandchildren.  With that many minors, there has had to have been a diaper changing incident in there somewhere.

But the report was well worth it to see Matt have a good laugh before his vacation.  

And if you are curious, Matt is family.  In a 2011 interview for TV Garth, Matt is asked:

GJ: Have you had any difficulties or challenges being an openly gay reporter and anchor?

MM: Not that I can think of — I've never shied away from being myself, it's not my style. I also find it's important to be a role model — with the epidemic of gay teen suicides I think it's more important than ever they see successful gay adults. I've been very impressed with the "It gets better" campaign and think it's a great message.

Enjoy your time off Matt!  And if you are ever in Fort Lauderdale, let me know.  Would love to see that smile in person.




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