NFL Network Locker Room Interview Got A Little “Cheeky”

If you bring cameras into a locker room, you're gonna get an eye-full.

NFL Network's Albert Breer interviewed cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones in the Bengals locker room after Cincinnati's road win over Buffalo on Sunday. Pretty routine, right?

The interview itself was. But the backdrop of multiple … naked tails of Jones' Bengals teammates wasn't as ordinary.

The interview can be viewed here. (Editor's note: Video content may be offensive to some viewers.)

The NFL GameDay Live anchors couldn't hold in laughter after Breer's interview. The FCC may not find it as funny.  –

Watch it here while you can, noticing Adam's teammates both to the left and the right of his head.  Do I really need to say it's NSFW?



Looks like the interview got a little cheeky.

Now I guess I have a reason to pay for the NFL Network.

How did they win if they are all tight ends?


Can you think of a quirky caption for the video?  Add it below.

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