NFL Star Joe Burrow Spills the Tea on His Backless Suit

NFL star Joe Burrow was present at the Vogue World fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, where he wore an iconic backless suit.


Burrow was with Minnesota Vikings wideout Justin Jefferson during Vogue World: Paris, which was held at the Place Vendôme on June 23. More recently, the 27-year-old Cincinnati Bengals quarterback shared how his friends reacted to his Vogue World fit during his appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast.

“I’ve been roasted in just about every group chat I could possibly be roasted in,” he revealed.

Burrow also shared that wearing the suit was unplanned, recalling:

“I showed up and they gave it to me and I said, ‘Sure.'”


As for what he thinks about the suit, the athlete noted that he thought he looked “cool,” however, he was “fully prepared for all of the criticism and roasting I knew was coming my way.” 

You can check out his fit here:


Moreover, Burrow admitted that his Vogue World experience was “out of my comfort zone.”

“Some might say I’ve gone Hollywood. I went Hollywood for a week and now it’s time to lock in for football. So I think I’m allowed one week of Hollywood,” he stated.


The football player also told Vogue,

“I’ve always loved clothes but never really understood the industry, so I wanted to learn more.”


5 thoughts on “NFL Star Joe Burrow Spills the Tea on His Backless Suit”

  1. He can malfunction anything he wants. Lol. As for the suit, the white undershirt makes it look quite strange. It should’ve been just the black suit with an open back, if that’s what they were going for.

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  3. That’s not a real backless anything; it looks like a jacket that came apart, especially with that bit that I presume is suppose to be a white dress shirt. If the stylist who suggested it didn’t have a seamstress or tailor on hand to remove that excess fabric, that’s on them.

    Hard to really tell but it does look well cut from the front, and looks good without a shirt.


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