Nicholas Galitzine Reveals What He Wants To Do Next in His Career

Nicholas Galitzine has been on a role with landing projects that make waves online, ultimately leaving his fans admiring him even more…


After portraying the character of Prince Henry in the hit gay rom-com ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’, the 29-year-old English actor went on to star alongside Academy Award winner Julianne Moore in the LGBTQ+ British historical miniseries ‘Mary & George’.

The show features a lot of steamy moments; in fact, Galitzine reportedly had to shoot four sex scenes on the first day of filming. He liked portraying what he described as “a slam dunk” of a role though, stating:

“I mean, you’ve got a real-life figure [who] goes from naive and fragile and tender and insecure to just completely self-aggrandized, megalomaniacal, power-hungry, and sex-crazed.”


“I’ve never played a character like him before. I mean, I probably enjoyed playing him more than anyone,” he continued telling Backstage.

Prior to starring in ‘Mary & George’, the actor showed another side of him as an actor when he played the role of a “himbo quarterback” in the queer teen comedy movie ‘Bottoms’. More recently, he starred alongside
Anne Hathaway in the 2024 rom-com ‘The Idea of You’, where he showed his musical talent as Hayes Campbell, a frontman of the boy band August Moon.


As for what he wants to next in his acting career, Galitzine revealed:

“I’m dying to do a sci-fi…a Western, and more psychological thrillers.”

Moreover, the outlet noted that his future projects are expected to be very different from the ones that he’s done in the past.

“You can never let them know your next move. You just have to keep them guessing—which I like,” Galitzine further shared.


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