Nicholas Galitzine Talks All About the Film ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’

After the success of his 2022 Netflix film ‘Purple Hearts,’ Nicholas Galitzine is also starring in the much-awaited gay rom-com ‘Red, White & Royal Blue,’ and he talked all about it in an interview with People.

‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is a film adaptation of author Casey McQuiston’s 2019 novel of the same title, and needless to say, the book has a huge reader fan base. The English actor considered that part of working on the movie as something positive saying,

“The incredible thing about the project is that I’ve never been involved with something that has this built-in fan base straight from the beginning. The amount of support that Taylor Zakhar Perez and I received from the outset has just been overwhelming. So that’s a really cool thing.”


Speaking of which, Galitzine is starring alongside Taylor Zakhar Perez in the movie, and the two of them already have such an amazing chemistry based on some of the behind-the-scenes photos that were posted.


The 27-year-old actor also teased that the film will be “a lot of fun,” and it includes some “fan service” for those who have read the book and loved it.

“While obviously, the movie will be its own entity separate from the book, there’s a great deal of fan service. We’re making something that is both a lot of fun, but it feels very elevated and it feels like a beautiful movie, both aesthetically and just the performances and the story,” he stated.

Galitzine plays the role of a British prince named Prince Henry while Perez’s character is the First Son of the United States named Alex Claremont-Diaz. Their characters started off with a hostile relationship, and after getting into an altercation, they had to do some damage control, which eventually led to a secret romance.


Aside from the two hotties, ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ is also starring Polo Morin, Clifton Collins Jr., Stephen Fry, Sarah Shahi, Rachel Hilson, Ellie Bamber, Aneesh Sheth, Ahmed Elhaj, Akshay Khanna, Sharon D Clarke, Thomas Flynn, and Malcolm Atobrah.


The cast and crew recently concluded their filming, and the movie could possibly be released in early 2023. However, Amazon Prime Video has yet to announce the official release date of ‘Red, White & Royal Blue.’


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  1. Looking forward to a positive and real portrayal – these two have the sizzle that’s for sure! Showing positive situations for gays is so important !


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