Nicholas Hamilton – From Sociopath (on Screen) to Cute Lovebug

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Out actor Nicholas Hamilton has revived his music career and the IT star is bringing fans back to that part of his craft with a super cute ballad dedicated to his boyfriend, Jackson Tremblay. If Instagram is a proper representation, then the handsome couple have been together for over a year.

Hamilton, age 23, rose to fame in 2016 thanks to co-starring roles alongside Nicole Kidman in Strange Land and Captain Fantastic. After finishing up with the modern adaption of Stephen King’s IT, where he played sociopath Henry Bowers, the Australian talent started his singing career with four singles leading up to his debut EP, Pretty Young, in 2021. His new song, Spins, is the first single off his upcoming EP, Fate.


Hamilton tells Huffington Post:

We went on our first date in March of last year and we really liked each other, but it took a week for him to reach out again for another date. On the night he finally did, I’d already been drinking in the city, so I was a little bit tipsy. Even though I probably shouldn’t have gone out, I said yes. I had to stop my drunk blabbermouth from telling that I already loved him on the second date, because I did.


Hey, there’s nothing wrong with finding love so quickly. My husband and I were engaged after only knowing each other for eight months. When you know, you know! 

Nicholas came out in 2018. This didn’t stop his career from flushing as he’s enjoyed noteworthy roles alongside Idris Elba in Dark Shadows and as part of the ensemble cast in Hulu’s Love, Victor. Get that money, honey. 

His upcoming EP, Fate, is rumored to drop in October 2023. Will you be listening? Let me know in the comments!


Source: Huffington Post

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