Nicholas Yatromanolakis Becomes Greece’s First Openly Gay Minister

Nicholas Yatromanolakis (Photo Credit: Thanasis Karatzas of Athens Voice via Nicholas Yatromanolakis Official Instagram Page)

In a cabinet reshuffle, Nicholas Yatromanolakis, 44, has become Greece’s first openly gay minister.  Yatromanolakis, who was a general secretary for the ministry, became the deputy minister of culture.

In July, Yatromanolakis became the first openly gay man appointed to a senior government position when he became the General Secretary of Contemporary Culture.  Yatromanolakis received a bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations from Panteion University in Athens and a Master’s in Public Policy from Harvard.


As a founding member of the Potami political party as well as a member of its steering committee, Yatromanolakis ranked second among the party’s candidates in the City of Athens district during the January 2015 parliamentary elections.

Yatromanolakis is also an advocate of human rights with a focus on LGBTQ+ rights and has volunteered for nonprofit organizations that concentrate on social inclusion of vulnerable populations as well as the mental and physical well-being of children.

On the newly appointed minister’s Instagram Page, he mentions that he is the dad of a dog and a cat with pictures of them both in his feed.  




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