Nick Jonas’ 5 Hottest Photos That Confirms What a Smoke Show He Is

For several years now, singer and actor Nick Jonas has gotten our attention for so many reasons.  One being him posting brutally hot photos of himself in next to nothing that really gets our minds (and pants) racing as fast as possible.

Some have accused the youngest JoBro of "gay baiting" over the past couple of years, but regardless if you agree with that viewpoint or not, the facts are that he has become one of the hottest guys in the entertainment business, and these five photos prove that point and then some.

Let's break down Nick's hottest 5 Instagram pics that he has posted, and what made them so delicious.



My yankees hat looks very cool in the background in black and white.

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I don't think anyone was looking at your Yankees cap in the background here, Nick.



My favorite part of the workout is always the protein shake afterwards.

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Do your arms even fit in that shirt anymore?



Wearing Ralph Lauren for #metgala2017

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He makes this Ralph Lauren suit look fantastic and debonair.



Strum away…



And, if nothing else… just smile. 






What do you think?