Nick Offerman To Play Gay In HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’

Image via HBO

Here’s some exciting news, it looks like Nick Offerman might be playing a gay role in the upcoming HBO thriller-drama The Last of Us.

Based off the popular video game series by Naughty Dog, The Last Of Us takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A deadly fungus has infested the world and humanity. Not only has most of the human race been eradicated, but many have turned into spore-infested zombies. In the middle of this, Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are forced to trek across a post-outbreak American in hopes of saving the world.


The first official teaser trailer for the upcoming HBO series dropped last Sunday. In it, we got a look at Pascal and Ramsey in their roles. But we also got a glimpse of Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec) in the show.

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Offerman will portray the character Bill, a man that Joel and Ellie meet on their journey. While its cool enough to see Offerman in another role, we’re excited because this means Offerman will be playing a gay role. Even better, this tv adaption has the chance to humanize and give dignity to the gay character.

In the original The Last of Us game, which came out in 2013, Bill was made into somewhat of a joke. The character makes references to a “partner” named Frank, but his sexuality was left ambiguous for most of his screentime. The one time the character’s sexuality is outright acknowledged is when Ellie, who later comes out as queer herself, finds Bill’s gay pornographic magazines. She then makes a joke about the pages being stuck together. That ends up being the last major reference to the character.

Image via Naughty Dog

With the reveal that Nick Offerman is playing the minor character, there’s chance we’ll get some vindication for Bill. Bill is a skilled survivor, something we’re SURE Offerman can pull off. But on top of that, Offerman is a skilled actor who cares about his characters. Hopefully, his portrayal will give the gravitas and compassion that we want in our LGBTQ representation.

The question is, will The Last of US on HBO include the sticky magazine joke? Will it be altered to give Bill a bit more respect? Or, will it be left behind in 2013? We’ll see when Offerman appears on our screens with Pascal and Ramsey in 2023.

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