Nick Offerman on Possible Gay Storyline Spin-Off from ‘The Last of Us’

Viewers of ‘The Last of Us’ series have witnessed the heartwarming love story of Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett as lovers Bill and Frank who found each other in a post-apocalyptic world where humans turn into mushroom-infected, zombie-like creatures.

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The show’s third episode is centered on their touching relationship, and we’d absolutely love to see more of Bill and Frank’s story if given the chance. <3 Speaking of which, Offerman recently talked about a potential spin-off on his and Bartlett’s characters, revealing:


“I think we pitched like a whole mini-series of a prequel of their lives before they meet each other.”

He further told the press,

“It could be a musical. We’re not short on ideas. We’ll see what [show creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann] come up with.”


On Saturday, the 53-year-old American actor and comedian won the award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series at the 75th annual Creative Arts Emmy Awards for portraying the character of Bill in ‘The Last of Us’.

Offerman delivered a moving acceptance speech where he gave credit to all the people behind the show, as well as his on-screen love interest Bartlett, expressing:

“It’s hard to fully swallow because the role was in an inseparable partnership with the magnificent #MurrayBartlett so I wish they had 2 trophies to give. Without Frank, Bill ain’t sh*t.”


Moreover, ‘The Last of Us’ is available for streaming on Max.


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