Nick Vallejo Says OnlyFans Has Helped Boost His Confidence

The thought of creating an OnlyFans account and uploading adult rated content may send some people scurrying in the opposite direction – but for others, it may just be the thing needed to boost their confidence (and bank accounts if they’re any good at it).

Credit: Nick Vallejo’s Instagram

Such is the case for gay surfer Nick Vallejo. The former University of Hawaii collegiate swimmer created his OnlyFans in March of this year and says that this step in his gay journey has helped him with his confidence and to own who he is. Vallejo told The Sports Kiki podcasts that –

“I just felt the most important thing for me to do was own myself…And I don’t know, maybe my future man can see that and be like, ‘Oh this guy is hot. He’s confident. He knows what he likes.”

Credit: Nick Vallejo’s Instagram

Vallejo spoke with Outsports in 2017, where he shared his story. Like a lot of young gay people, he struggled with coming out. Coming from a religious Christian background – he struggled with his sexuality and with his beliefs. He tried to convince himself that it was just a “phase” and that he would be able to commit to living a “pure” life.

“I hid this part of me thinking that it was just some type of phase or puberty getting the best of me. I would pray and ask for guidance and ask God to help me. I thought that if I devoted myself fully to God that things would work out for me. I got the ichthus (Jesus fish) tattooed on my right arm to prove that I devoted myself and was going to continue to live pure.”

But the urges became too much to suppress for Vallejo and he began to secretly date men his freshman year of college. He says he became depressed about living a double life. Research on LGBT people coming out even gave him more crippling anxiety because of some of the horrid abandonment stories of young gay people being exiled from their families and friends and some even unfortunately committing suicide. Despite it all, Vallejo found the courage to walk in his truth.

In 2015 he left swimming behind at the University of Hawaii and moved back home to Southern California. On National Coming Out Day in 2015, Vallejo took to his Facebook account to write a brief post about his sexuality and coming out. This eventually led to Vallejo being confident enough to be himself openly in public, no longer having to live in fear and abiding by social norms.

OnlyFans (which was founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely) has enjoyed exponential growth since the global pandemic hit in February of last year. According to Variety, the subscription based platform now has more than 50 million registered users and over 700,000 content creators. Since the company’s launch, they’ve paid out over $1 Billion dollars to it’s creators. With numbers like that, we certainly don’t blame Vallejo for wanting to get a piece of the OnlyFans pie.

Tim Stokely/Founder of OnlyFans/Credit: Tim Stokely’s Instagram

Vallejo says that with the support of his family and friends, he now views life in a different way. The support and confidence that he has garnered gave him the courage to want to ‘show himself off’.  And just like that, a new OnlyFans account was created. Vallejo promoted his OnlyFans on his Instagram page, saying he was “stoked” about it.

Credit: Nick Vallejo’s Instagram

“Since my launch, I have gained a healthy following and pretty dope subscribers. To those who subscribed early, thanks for looking out! I’m stoked to post more adult rated and artistic content.”

Would you subscribe to someone’s OnlyFans account? Better yet, would you become a content creator on the platform?


Source: The Sports Kiki  ,  OutsportsVariety

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