Nicki Minaj Is Retiring From Music

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The Once Most Popular Female Rapper In History Is Calling It Quits On Fame

Whoa! Talk about being shook! Nicki Minaj, who needs no introduction, took to Twitter a few hours ago to report she’s retiring from music! I’m telling you, I am shooketh right now! Check out her tweet below:

The announcement comes as a crazy surprise… Minaj just released her latest song in June 2019 and told Jimmy Fallon that she is releasing her fifth studio album. She’s a veteran in the industry, with her earliest work being released in 2007 via Myspace. She was discovered by Lil’ Wayne and would eventually be nominated for ten Grammy Awards and has a variety of Billboard Music Awards. It’s clear from her many interviews, social media, and music that Minaj is a huge ally of the LGBTQ community. She was even just tweeting to RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni, A’keria Davenport today – the day she made this crazy announcement!

From the tweet, Minaj claims to want to start a family with her new beau (pictured below) who she insists is her husband, but nothing is confirmed.

While I’m sure most are happy for her, although some may not believe her, there is one person from the gay community who of course always has something to say. Perez Hilton took to his social media to blast Minaj, claiming she’ll be back when she’s broke and her man doesn’t have a job. Check out his tweet below:

Do you think Minaj will be fully retired or is this a cry for attention in a world where Cardi B seems undefeated as the reigning queen of Rap? Hmm…

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