Nico Tortorella opens up about being a Cissy!

Nico Tortorella showed up to the GLAAD awards last week in a Christian Siriano original, serving femme masculinity and gender-bending beautiful that elevated the dialogue on sexuality and gender.



gender fuckery. it is a privilege for me to be able to wear this stunning @csiriano lewk standing next to my twin flame @bethanycmeyers for the @glaad media awards. it is a privilege i have for a multitude of reasons. the color of skin, my ability to pass as straight and cisgendered, my socioeconomic status, my celebrity, my location, my body, my face, my partner. a privilege to be able to show up to an event like this and then to throw on shorts, vans, tube socks, a t-shirt and beanie to walk my dogs safely in new york city. a privilege so many people in this world who identify as trans and non-binary simply do not have. this weekend was for them. this weekend was for femmes, boys questioning what boy means, and women. last night was for you. last night was for every gender nonconforming transfeminine warrior beauty of all shapes and color. you are valid. you are worth it. you do not deserve the constant harassment and bashing you endure on a daily basis. i see you today and everyday. i am you. i love you. i am here for you. not just to tell you that you look beautiful but to help keep you alive. i’m going to end this with a quote from my dear friend @alokvmenon from their book FEMME IN PUBLIC – "what feminine part of yourself did you have to destroy in order to survive in this world?" we shouldn’t have to simply survive, we should ALL be able to live. i love you again. ALL OF IT IS YOU. #niconiconico #glaadawards #glaad #glaadmediaawards #allofitisyou

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Tortorella has been part of this discourse since he first opened up about being sexually fluid. He discussed appropriate terminology and vocab with the ladies from The View last year. The View used this segment to help educate themselves and its viewers on the sensitivity of this topic so as to not offend or dismiss that gender identity and queerness is an important topic, especially among today's youth.

In March, Tortorella married their wife Bethany C. Meyers in an equally gender fusing ceremony that gagged fans with its unique portrayal of a queer couple.



But it seems like the actor continues to explore terms and their meanings. Tortorella just recently affirmed that they are, in fact, gender fluid. On a an episode of Drag Me with Trinity Taylor, Tortorella opens up about not quite identifying as a cisgender male:

This isn’t something I’ve actually talked about on a public level quite yet. I just pretty recently have come to terms with the fact that maybe I am not fully cisgender. And does that mean?

The vocabulary for that is so wide for that right now. And like picking which word fits best—I’m not quite at the stage just yet. But I don’t feel one way or the other.

I like the word Cissy with a C. C-I-S-S-Y. Kind of cisgenderish, but a little soft.

Terminology can be daunting for those who don't understand it. Out of respect to anyone you meet, it is important to not assume that they identify any which way and if you are unsure, the best thing to do is ask. They'll appreciate your caring enough to do so.

At the end of the video,Tortorella is revealed as a glitter bearded drag hybrid version of themselves.



NEO TUCK “I just pretty recently have come to terms with the fact that maybe I am not fully cisgender,” Tortorella confesses. “This isn’t something I’ve actually talked about on a public level quite yet.” This is how a drag makeover also becomes an important discussion of gender, sobriety, and what it’s like to be judged within the LGBTQ+ community. — I love you @trinitythetuck I love you @them Thank your for all of this. Full story and video link in bio.— Ok, I want to take this opportunity to address a few things from this video. Firstly, my body. My weight has fluctuated my entire life. For the past couple years, I started to really get into shape. Working out sometimes twice a day, diets, supplements, hormones, etc. Remember, I am an addict. Over the past 6 months I have worked out less, ate more, wrote a book, and have tried to love myself more and more every day; body, mind, and spirit. I have days where I love my body, and days when I’m not happy; wishing I still looked like I did. Today I am telling you all of this to shed some light on body dysmorphia and body positivity. Being in shape is so much more than having a six pack, arms, and tight skin. My incredible partner @bethanycmeyers has taught me that. Last night they text me “Just a reminder that you are beautiful and your body is too. Use this workout tonight to clear your head and strengthen your body for your busy day tomorrow” Thank you for always being an inspiration and beacon of light for body positivity. Check out @thebe.comeproject Ok next I have to talk about a comment in the @them video I made about @bigandmilky. Milk is one of my best friends, my drag mother, and complete inspirations. I feel terrible for calling her a smelly ass queen in the video. Truly. Out of context it just sounds mean. The part they cut from the video was me saying she didn’t need to wash her drag anymore. She gets custom designer looks made because she is a supermodel. Dan, the work that you do for gender nonconformity, love, and the community globally with @voices4_ is unprecedented. I love you always babe, I’m so sorry that came out that way. @1demerith @emilycgeraghty #dragme #niconiconico #allofitisyou

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