Nieri Serves Up Seductive Vocals & Serotonin-Inducing Beats

Check out the debut single from Nieri 'Beautiful Music'
Nieri (photo: Billie Black)

Raised in Milan, electro-pop artist Nieri drops his debut single, the club-worthy anthem “Beautiful Music.” The track is an intoxicating sonic cocktail inspired by his European roots and the energy of his current home city of Los Angeles.

Featuring a gritty bass line, serotonin-inducing beats, and seductive vocals, “Beautiful Music” is a clarion call drawing the listener to the dance floor with a flirtatious assurance that dancing is the cure for all your ails.


“‘Beautiful Music‘ is about the need to release tension, and finding that release in music,” Nieri explains. “Many of us try to escape the stress of modern life with coping mechanisms like alcohol, drugs or casual sex. In most cases, that doesn’t really end well. I wrote this song as a reminder to myself that when things get tough, music has (and always will) be there for me. All I have to do is turn it on, dance a little, and eventually I will be okay.”

The artist displays a talent for musical alchemy by pairing catchy melodies, punchy drums, analog synths, and personal lyrics resulting in sensual electronic pop that gets you dancing through the night.

Check out the debut single from Milan-born electro-pop artist Nieri
(photo: Billie Black)

The music video, directed by Billie Black and shot in Los Angeles, is comprised of a series of sequences that become progressively more euphoric. Nieri explains the stunning imagery is meant to symbolize “the feeling of freedom that can be found in music and dancing.”

“Beautiful Music” is the first taste of Nieri’s upcoming debut EP, written and recorded with producer Joakim Buddee, and scheduled for release later this year.

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Nieri (formerly known as NIKO) drops his new dance/pop single "Beautiful Music"

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