Nigerian Presidential Candidate Donald Duke Wants to Protect Gay People (If They Stay Closeted)

Lately, there’s been a lot of news about gay men being persecuted in Nigeria, but the end might be in sight.


The campaign cycle for the federal elections in Nigeria is heating up with half a year left before the polls open. While out on the campaign trail, one presidential hopeful shared that he would not terrorize or punish LGBTQ people, according to Gay Star News.

That said, there is a catch. They have to stay in the closet.

Donald Duke, who is the former Cross River state governor, shared this sentiment while on the YouTube talk show On the Couch.

Duke shared that he doesn’t understand how gay people feel, but he feels they deserve to be protected by law.


Unfortunately, it’s not all good news as he also said that gay people should keep their sexualities a secret. To Duke, the norm of Nigeria is heterosexuality, so any public displays of gay affection are an offense to society’s standards.

More specifically, Duke said, “But if they want to exhibit their sexuality, then that’s an affront on the current norms of society.”


He later added:

“You cannot jettison the norms of society. Society has certain norms. The certain things you would do in America you cannot do in England or in Nigeria. You cannot do in Saudia Arabia. You’ve got to respect the norms of society. When you’re in Rome, behave as the Romans. Don’t go contrary to the Romans. Don’t swim against the tide, because we’re not there.”

Then when asked by the hosts if Duke would have a gay person on his cabinet, he said yes but that person's sexuality isn’t his business.

“I can have a gay person in my cabinet, his sexuality is private to him. I don’t want to know if he’s gay, it’s not my business. My business is if he can perform the assignment that he’s been assigned.”


With the need for Nigerian gay people to find a new leader who can protect them, Donald Duke might be their saving grace. That said, he has no intention to fight for them from a social standpoint. He’ll let society slowly grow used to gay people.

We’ll see what happens in the country of Nigeria soon as elections will start in February of next year.

In addition, you can watch the talk show interview with Donald Duke down below. On top of talking about LGBTQ issues, Duke talks about police brutality, education, energy sources, and more.

h/t: Gay Star News

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