Nina Bo’Nina Brown Calls Drag Race Fans ‘Racist’!

Nina Bo'Nina Brown Calls Drag Race Fans 'Racist'!

Snaps On Valentina's Insane Fan Base!

Nina Bo'Nina Brown was an early favorite and contender to win RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 from the premiere episode. Brown stunned us with look after look. She essentially brought cartoons to life with some of her looks. Without question, Brown will go down as one of the most memorable look queens.

When she wasn't being sickening on the runway, she could be shown being paranoid and hard on herself. It wasn't until she eliminated fellow contestant, Valentina, that the Drag Race fans would turn against her and call out her to pretty much jump off a bridge.

Allegedly, these insults and hate are still coming Brown's way. During a performance over the weekend, Brown referenced Valentina's tragic departure by covering her face during an Ariana Grande song; the same song that eliminated Valentina.

This time, Brown isn't letting the Drag Race fans continue to dig at her. She BLASTS them on social media- going so far as to telling THEM to "jump off a bridge"  and "racist". Check out her post below.

Yikes! It looks like the Drag Race fans are definitely going overboard. Brown is blunt and sharp with her words. Do you agree with her?

Check out the video of Brown covering her face below.

7 thoughts on “Nina Bo’Nina Brown Calls Drag Race Fans ‘Racist’!”

  1. So, she says all Latino and

    So, she says all Latino and Mexican fans can be "ignorant and slow" and then calls them racist? Wow! I don't know whether to call that ironic or hypocritical or create some portmanteau. Ironicritical? Hyporonic?

    Her back-pedalling a bit is like when the current occupant of the White House railed against Mexicans, calling them murderers and rapists and then allowing that some are good people. Not great company to be amongst.

      • She said, “Y’all can be so

        She said, "Y'all can be so ignorant…" then back-or called like when Trump called Mexicans rapists, etc. and then said some were probably nice people.

        Just because someone doesn't like a person of whatever colour, religion, sex, etc., it doesn't make them subject to an "ism." They might simply not like that particular person. (That is likely a shock to people raised in a generation where everyone gets a trophy, but it's real life.)

          • Perhaps someone in a hurry

            Perhaps someone in a hurry typing on a small device could've made an error?  Maybe, this individual made a decision that this post lacked enough merit or importance to resolve the grammatical error.  Imagine if the individual was in a hurry and felt an entertainment news blog lacked the seriousness for which one may feel about a college thesis needed to obtain their desired degree.  Tell me, what isn't happening in your life you have so much time not only to peg a spelling error, but also take the time to make implications regarding a lack of general literacy equating being an ignorant human being.  This is a form of reverse psychology designed not to insult someone as you probably hope, but it's to make you feel good because clearly you have a lot more problems than simple language arts errors.  Wow.  

        • Have you or have you not, in

          Have you or have you not, in your entire life while under intense pressure said or did something you weren't proud of?  Sure you have.  I used to tell my parents I hated them and wished them dead.  I've also been drunk a few times and viciously verbally attacked the individual who loves me most.  The problem is it wasn't placed on social media, thank God.  Don't read so deep into what Nina is up to because I'm fairly certain North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb 3x larger than Hiroshima and this concerns you?  The truth is, if Valentinw followed the rules and learned the song, he may have had a chance.  Am I condoning racially insensitive comments?  Not at all but I'm more annoyed with you being so bent out of shape over shit that you can't do anything about.  It's weird.  

  2. Correction: she called the

    Correction: she called the fans of another Queen who are bashing her & being foul to her in the "defense" of that queen for perceived shade racist. Which is drastically different than what your article is titled "Nina Bo'Nina Brown Calls Drag Race Fans 'Racist'!" While yes they may be fans of Drag Race your title implies "all fans" and comes across as an attempt to "cash in" on a the racial tension we have going on right now. Perhaps since we have real racism & other forms of fascism going on that are really hurting people you should title this in a way so that explores the real issue at hand which while having a racial undertone is ultimately about cyber bullying and the trolls who think because they like one person it's their duty to attack anyone they perceive as attacking/throwing shade/insulting him/her and that it's okay to result to childish name calling whether they perception is accurate or like in this case out of left field. Maybe do a Google search on "responsible journalism". While I understand what this publication is and have learned to not read to much into the reporting please try to remember that in the age of the Internet all of the gay kids surfing the web and that have come to this sit due in large part the photos of hot guys that are all over instinct, they are going to read these articles and your words will have an impact on them & they may not realize that this "news outlet" is more focused on the ad space revenue than it is on reporting facts and can't be bothered with idealistic notions like journalistic integrity since unfortunately that wont sell as well as sex. That a piece on internet trolls won't bring in the readers and subsequent boost in ad sales like implying a Drag Queen that had said all the people who watch the hit show that has made her famous are a bunch of racist would. 


    P.S. yes I am fully aware that I have over used the bold, Italic and underline function.


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