Nina Bo’Nina Brown Calls Drag Race Fans ‘Racist’!

Nina Bo'Nina Brown Calls Drag Race Fans 'Racist'!

Snaps On Valentina's Insane Fan Base!

Nina Bo'Nina Brown was an early favorite and contender to win RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 from the premiere episode. Brown stunned us with look after look. She essentially brought cartoons to life with some of her looks. Without question, Brown will go down as one of the most memorable look queens.

When she wasn't being sickening on the runway, she could be shown being paranoid and hard on herself. It wasn't until she eliminated fellow contestant, Valentina, that the Drag Race fans would turn against her and call out her to pretty much jump off a bridge.

Allegedly, these insults and hate are still coming Brown's way. During a performance over the weekend, Brown referenced Valentina's tragic departure by covering her face during an Ariana Grande song; the same song that eliminated Valentina.

This time, Brown isn't letting the Drag Race fans continue to dig at her. She BLASTS them on social media- going so far as to telling THEM to "jump off a bridge"  and "racist". Check out her post below.

Yikes! It looks like the Drag Race fans are definitely going overboard. Brown is blunt and sharp with her words. Do you agree with her?

Check out the video of Brown covering her face below.

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