Nina West Brings The Spooky To School With “Lisa Frankenstein”

Nina West’s motto may be “Go Big Be Kind Go West” but her latest track takes a gloriously spookier turn. The eye poppingly colorful video for “Lisa Frankenstein” has her portraying high school student/lovable monster “Lisa Frankenstein”, a self-proclaimed “teenage terror, can’t be saved by the bell”! This larger than life, neon dream high schooler stomps her way through the campus, showing all the kids that even if you look different, nothing can stop you from having just as much fun as the other kids, brain eating included (too much)? LOL! 

With a little help from “SNL” alum Bobby Moynihan (who West met on RuPaul’s Drag Race when Moynihan was a guest judge), West has crafted a fun and beyond catchy ear worm of a track. Coupled with a video directed by the consistently daring and creative Brad Hammer and Art Direction by Aurora Sexton (and cover art by Ohio based artist Christian Cimoroni), West has once again packaged together a bright, vibrant and radio-ready track and video, perfect to brighten up the Halloween season! 


West’s thought on the Lisa Frankenstein character echo her consistent message of inclusion and individuality;  “I wanted to imagine what it would look like if Frankenstein and the Bride had a daughter named Lisa! Sure, she has all the awkward attributes of teenage monster, but she is bright, and fun, and celebrates the season the only way she knows how”!

Grab the single “Lisa Frankenstein” here:

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