Nina West Spreads Her Own Kind Of Glitter With Her New Single & Video “Drag Is Magic”





When I spoke with Nina West several weeks after her tearful elimination from this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she told me that not only would she be releasing a children’s album titled Drag Is Magic, but that ultimately she would love to become what could possibly be known as the “Mrs. Doubtfire of Drag”. If her newest video for the title track “Drag Is Magic” off of her album of the same name is any indication, West is well on her way. 

Drag is Magic hit retailers and streaming platforms last week and was released in tandem with another comedy EP by West titled John Goodman. Goodman is more politically and pop culture focused (the video for “Hucks” is a visual stunner with guest stars like Sherry Vine, Aurora Sexton and Jackie Beat playing a certain White House inhabitant). Conversely, Drag Is Magic includes tracks like “The Drag Alphabet” and “The Reading Song.” which showcase West teaching the true children about acceptance, love, and letting them know that they can be absolutely anything that they want to be.

With a kazoo laden infectious chorus. the Pride of Columbus, Ohio lets everyone know that “drag is cool, drag is fun” (with help from four of the most adorable co-stars to ever grace a Drag Race star’s video). Letting kids know that all of their dreams are acceptable, from “a pirate on the seven seas or a princess on a mission”. As the season of World Pride rapidly approaches, voices like Nina West’s are the ones that we need to hear even more than ever before. Brad Hammer’s video direction and vision is sharp and focused, and keeps the kids front and center and completely absorbed in West’s deliciously fun and wonderfully colorful delivery. 


Try not to get just a little choked up at the final scene of “Drag Is Magic”…

Abacadragra indeed! 

Drag Is Magic is available now

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