No, Homophobia Did Not Cancel Drag Time Story Hour.

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The Hiring Of A Convicted Child Rapist Put The Event On Hold

It’s likely most of you reading this are a part of the LGBTQ community or an ally. It’s apparent anyone belonging to a particular group of people will likely have the backs of those similar to them, just look at how much political parties will stand up for someone when they are wrong. Yes, our community looks out for one another, as we should after decades of struggling for equality, but there is no reason we should not be calling out those in our community who make dangerous choices and should face consequences. Recently, we have seemingly all but thrown actor Jussie Smollett under the bus after he tried further dividing the nation with an alleged staged racist, homophobic, and leftist attack . Let’s not forget the many men of Hollywood like Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer who have been slammed with endless allegations of child sexual abuse. Progress, right? Let’s continue to act as a unit and pluck the bad weeds who we should not associate with. However, there are many articles circulating about Houston, Texas’ Drag Queen Story Time which are delivering only half of the story to possibly protect someone from our community and solely blame homophobia. There is more to this story.


According to Pride’s headline, Christian activists harassment forced Drag Queen Story Time to an end. This is only half true. While the anti-drag queen activists have been pursuing the cancelation of the event, where drag queens read to children in a public library, for a year, it is not what solely what caused the event to be put on hold.

According to The Daily Mail, Pro-Family activists discovered the organizers of Story Time, Trent Lira and Devin Will, failed to perform a background check and allowed drag queen Tatiana Mala-Nina (Albert Alfonso Garza) to work around children. Garza is a convicted child rapist who was charged with child sexual assault in 2008. His victim was an eight-year-old boy. This is the main reason why the organizers, who are obviously unfit to continue with this event, stepped down from their jobs. To make it clear, the Freed-Montrose Library in Houston still supports having Story Time, despite the many allegations of giving into the homophobes and canceling the event all together. Now, they want to ensure there will be no convicted child sex offenders under their roof and want to have the appropriate, educated, professional team who will follow proper guidelines and protect the safety of innocent children. The library is currenting vetting other community members who want to take over coordination and expect the event to be back in place as soon as next month.

To everyone up in arms, roaring homophobia and stressing out due to a misleading headline and not reading into the story, stop. The Pro-Family activists who have been protesting the events have not had any pull with the library. They have been protesting for a year and nothing has happened besides their own anger boiling over themselves! It is the fact that members of our own community failed to do their jobs and one ended up being a convict that has this event in limbo. The sooner we start recognizing our own faults is when we can eventually grow together.

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3 thoughts on “No, Homophobia Did Not Cancel Drag Time Story Hour.”

  1. Honestly, it’s not religious extremists or political hatemongers, but self-righteous Log Cabins like you that further divide our community and make the world more dangerous for the rest of us. Word of advice, buttercup, the breeders will NEVER accept you, no matter how many of your own you sell out to them.

  2. You also should do more research on the member of the community who was FALSELY accused because they were LGBTQIA+ Tatiana Mala Nina has been wrongfully accused because of her sexuality at the time she identified as a gay cis male. Her case is public record. Had you done YOUR job as a journalist and looked into her case like another member of the lgbt community did you’d see the case against her was ridiculous. The judge that served the case has had many cases against her for being anti lgbt and racist. Tatiana has gone through hell for 11 years for something she didn’t do! Look up the facts they’ve been posted to FB and being shared more and more everyday.

    • There may be some who believe this person is wrongly accused, but until the person is legally exonerated, you do not allow that person access to children. It is a protection for the child, but it also is protection for the person who may have been wrongly accused. Suppose an action was misinterpreted, do you think a person who was convicted, even wrongly as you assert, would have a chance, especially a drag queen convicted of molesting a little boy in the state of Texas?


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