No Joke: Ben Platt & Barbra Streisand to Star in Ryan Murphy Produced Series

Could this be ACTUALLY HAPPENING?  A legendary gay icon stars with a modern day Broadway cutie all on one series?  According to The Hollywood Reporter… the answer is yes!

THR reported that Ben Platt, Barbra Streisand and Gwyneth Paltrow will be starring in a Ryan Murphy EP'd series called The Politician.  It's set as an hour long comedy which has landed at streaming giant Netflix and already has a two season order, so… gag on that.

The Politician revolves around Platt's Payton, a wealthy Santa Barbara resident. Each season will center on a different political race that the character is involved in. Platt is expected to have musical numbers in the show. Production for the show is expected to start in the late summer.

Although Platt and Streisand haven't worked with Murphy in the past… Paltrow has.  She made appearances on his hit series Glee, which earned her an Emmy award back in 2011. 

The Politician is the latest in a long line of scripted series that Murphy has produced.  FX anthologies American Horror Story, American Crime Story and Feud are just some of ones he has under his belt so far.

Are you looking forward to this series? 




3 thoughts on “No Joke: Ben Platt & Barbra Streisand to Star in Ryan Murphy Produced Series”

  1. Sad to see now that Streisand won’t be in it. I love Jessica Lange but it would be amazing to see what Streisand could have brought to the role!

  2. Absolutely, I’m thrilled to

    Absolutely, I'm thrilled to read this news!  smiley  I've enjoyed almost everything Ryan Murphy has executive produced… plus I'm a long-time fan of Streisand, a medium-time fan of Paltrow, and a recent-fan of Platt.  This could be quite enjoyable.

  3. It will be great to see

    It will be great to see Barbra Streisand again. I'm glad she will also direct a few episodes and hopefully sing in a musical number here and there as well. Finally, something to actually look forward to on TV.


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