No one discovered Alexander McQueen. McQueen discovered himself.

Fashion genius and enigma, Alexander McQueen, left the world by his own hand in 2010—a tragic moment for the world of art and fashion. A creator who had risen to fame at the young age of 27 as the chief designer for Givenchy, Lee Alexander McQueen influenced the world with his artistry and theatrical runway shows.

The British designer whose work pushed the boundaries of controversy and complexity became one of the most sought after fashion houses that still resonates with the seeker of the lavish and obscure.

His death became a tear in the fabric of fashion history, but his legacy lives on.

Film makers Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui’s new documentary about the life of McQueen is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend and will bring the world closer to the mystery that was Alexander McQueen. The film features dynamic footage of McQueen’s work and fashion shows along with interviews with some of his closest friends and family who recount the designer’s journey.

The film festival’s site states:

McQueen offers a vivid portrait of the tortured but inspired auteur’s work and persona. 

Through the film you will learn that “No one discovered Alexander McQueen. McQueen discovered himself.

The film is 111 minutes and will premiere Sunday, April 22nd at the Tribeca Film Festival. Limited release for the film is set for Summer.

Here’s a glimpse of the chilling teaser trailer of the highly anticipated McQueen:


h/t: Tribeca Film Festival


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