North Carolina Governor McCrory Concedes Election To Democratic Challenger/ Attorney General.


North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is finally governor no more.  On Monday conceded the state's contested gubernatorial race to Democrat Roy Cooper.  Why did McCrory waith almost four weeks after the Nov. 8 election to give up? Well, we really don't care.  He's going to be gone soon.

Many viewed the results of the election as an unofficial referendum of the HB2 law that limits transgender bathroom rights.

Cooper, the state's current Attorney General, declared victory with a margin of fewer than 5,000 votes on election night, but McCrory refused to give up, stating he would seek a recount and challenge the validity of votes, because, once again, like everywhere else in the United States, felons and dead people voted in record numbers this November.

The lead that was under 5,000 has now grown to over 10,000 for Cooper over McCrory and they are still counting "normally."  McCrory would be entitled to a recount if the gap was 10,000 or less votes.  In a video message issued by the governor's office, McCrory said Cooper had won "the closest North Carolina governor's race in modern history."  Here is McCrory's speech where he finally gives in (



Do you believe Cooper was benefitted by the fall-out of the HB2 bill? 

Or was he already well known because of his role of Attorney General?

Will McCrory's defeat (and maybe the HB2's defeat) cause political and social waves across the nation?



What do you think?