North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Talks About Failed Bathroom Bill Repeal.

"Republican leaders failed to do their job."

"This was our best chance. This cannot be our last chance."

Those wer just some of the sound bytes from North Carolina's new governor Roy Cooper in his address yesterday.  Why can't all governors and politicians be as eloquent and thoughtful as Roy?





North Carolina's Senate on Wednesday voted against repeal of a law that restricts transgender restroom access and has put the state at the centre of national debate over lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights.

The legislation to repeal the law, known as House Bill 2 (HB2), was defeated by a vote of 32-16, leaving the bathroom restrictions in place statewide.

The Republican-dominated state Senate then adjourned without voting on a second, related provision that would have temporarily banned cities from affirming transgender bathroom rights. The state's House of Representatives, also controlled by Republicans, voted earlier in the day to adjourn. –


To counterbalance the good with the bad, here's a little bit of crazy. From we hear from the Franklin Graham: Failure to Repeal HB2 Protects 'Women and Children From Pedophiles and Sexual Perverts'


North Carolina native [and president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association] Franklin Graham is appreciatively rejoicing over the failure of his home state's lawmakers to repeal an unconstitutional and discriminatory bill, HB2. Graham, who has actively fought to keep HB2 on the books Thursday morning on Facebook gave thanks to "Lt. Governor Dan Forest and legislators for protecting women and children from pedophiles and sexual perverts."

HB2, in fact, does not protect women and children from pedophiles and sexual perverts, although North Carolina and every other state in the union have laws that do just that. 

"They have stood strong and resolute for HB 2 to uphold safety and privacy," Graham, 64, continues. "It should be obvious to everyone—we don’t need men in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms in NC or in any state." –


With Roy Cooper leading the reins in North Carolina very soon, we are feeling confident he will help others do the right thing.



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