Now That’s One Platform We Can Get On Board With!

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, West Hollywood, California will hold its general election to fill three seats on their City Council. One of the hopefuls looking to snag the wigs off of voters is Eric Jon Schmidt. According to WEHOville, Schmidt is an avid volunteer with organizations such as Heal the Bay and Project Angel Food, an advocate for the disabled, a U.S. army veteran and a fitness trainer. Additionally, he formed the “West Hollywood Cheerleaders East” with his partner, Jack Cline, a group that celebrate pride and brings to light LGBTQ community issues. Sounds like a strong candidate, right? You’d vote for him?



Well, Schmidt has not only thrown his hat in the ring, but is trying something completely new with regard to politics. With the constant leaked stories and incriminating photos/videos that seem to surface for many politics it’s no doubt that you have to be extremely careful when in the public eye. Just last month a very young council member in Texas has risked his seat on his hometown’s council because of anonymous packages with nude photos from a hook up app were sent to City Hall.

With this reality in mind, Schmidt seems to be ahead of the game and running a ‘transparent’ campaign by sharing his profile that shows him having the time of his life alone and with buddies. His profile name Need2BNude (link below) features 23 photos and videos that are putting Schmidt’s ‘talents’ front and center with voters…and beyond.

Schmidt’s incredibly long—profile—tells another side to the potential politician’s hobbies and interests. In it he describes himself as a sexhibitionist and that he loves making amateur sex videos so people will enjoy them.

In his profile he says:

My name is Eric. I'm 5'8", 170lbs, blond hair, green eyes, Swedish Descent, average build, very smooth, 8 inch cock, tight ass. 

I do not drink, smoke or party at all and don't want to be around guys who do. 

I'm a very lucky guy. I have lots of great friends and I have experienced so many fun and wonderful things in my life it's almost unbelievable that I have had so many opportunities.

Sex is an awesome gift from nature but like every other pleasure I believe it should be enjoyed with moderation and caution. PRep works, but should be used with condoms.

I don't always have to have sex in front of a camera. I can be discrete. My Partner and I have a very normal sexual relationship.

If you want to do some vids for your profile or just for fun, let me know. Or if you want to be a cameraman or have a location or idea for vids, I'm open for just about anything safe and sane (some limits).

Ummm, can residents vote early?

Among the many sexually-charged items on his profile, Schmidt also shares the other vanilla things about life like his favorite music, places to travel, foods, etc.



Schmidt told WEHOville:

I am 100% transparent. I have nothing but good intentions and I am not running against anyone, just their seats. I have nothing negative to say about the others and never will.

I do not think it will hurt my campaign anymore than it would a candidate’s stamp collecting hobby. My hobbies do not affect any other part of my life.

Being a performance exhibitionist is one of my hobbies. I also danced nude in Canada to help pay for college, but I loved it.

I do think it will help my campaign for people who believe the human body as art. Plus it shows that I believe in transparency and I’m not afraid to express myself.

It will be interesting to see how many will be able to accept sexuality and Schmidt’s personal life and look past it enough to see the great things he wants to do for his community. His campaign page lists the impacts he wishes to make, including increased public safety, medical and housing for the homeless, assistance for the transgender community, and help for those dealing with addictions among many others.



Do you think Scmidt’s dick and ass pics will hurt him or help him be the next elected official in West Hollywood?

Check out his profile HERE

h/t: WEHOville

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  1. Bravo for him beating

    Bravo for him beating everyone to the punch that may want to expose his past and or personal life. Now his platform I would need to see what he stands for to see if he would ever be the righ candidate. I wish him well


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