Now You Can Watch The Movie Within A Movie

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Nestflix Is Giving A Home To All Of Those Movies Within A Movie Or TV Show That You’ve Wanted To Watch!

Are you one of those people who get a slight tingling sensation when they say the name of a movie within the movie? Even better: Do you love those movies WITHIN the movies? Haven’t you desperately wanted to see the full length feature of Lindsay Lohan’s spy film that Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday was working on? Most of the time, those movies within a movie look entertaining, but exist usually for a punchline or a throwaway one-off, like Uma Thurman’s Fox Force Five unaired pilot in Pulp Fiction. While you won’t be able to exactly view these films in their entirety, because they technically aren’t real, there’s now an archive where you can browse and find your favorite one with all the fixins to satisfy your cinema-buff curiousity.

According to IGN, web designer and film buff, Lynn Fisher, created Nestflix, the home to browse through and slightly relive all of your favorite movies within a movie, or TV show. Nestflix currently has over 400 titles, some highlights include all of 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski’s many parodies, animated hits from Futurama creator, Matt Groening, and Cher’s crime drama from Stuck on You, Honey and the Beaze.

Nestflix is a bunch of mindless fun on a breezy weekend afternoon that will provide you with tons of nostalgia. If Fisher hadn’t included your favorite yet, there’s an easy submission option so your cherished memory can be shared with the masses. To check out the full website, head here!

Source: IGN

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