NSYNC Returns for New Music! Who Was Your Favorite Guy?

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NSYNC is back, yall!

They may not have lasted as long as their competition, The Backstreet Boys, but NSYNC left an indelible mark on pop music during their heyday from 1995 to 2005. Having released 4 top 10 albums – including 2 that went #1 and were certified diamond for sales of 10,000,000+ – the five-piece are hailed as the most charismatic and iconic boyband of all time. Literally, millions were left in tears when they went their separate ways in 2007. 


Although they tackled different areas in the entertainment industry, including being actors, authors, music producers, podcasters, solo artists, talent managers, and television judges, we’re in the era of big comebacks, and music buffs are clamoring for an official NYSNC reunion. This ember was previously stoked by a one-off performance at the VMAs in 2013 and sporadic appearances as a duo or trio. Then there was their surprise appearance at the recent VMAs where they presented Taylor Swift with the trophy for Best Pop Video.

Well, consider your prayers answered!

After walking the red carpet and presenting an award at the VMAs just last week, NSYNC has officially announced their first single in 21 years titled “Better Place.” It’s dropping everywhere music is available on September 29, 2023. It’s released in support of the upcoming animated movie Trolls Band Together. 


People was privy to the boyband’s first studio session and shared the video on Justin Timberlake’s Instagram! Let’s take a look. 

For some of you, I’m sure it’s the first time you’ve seen NSYNC in over a decade. Lance Bass, age 44, JC Chasez, age 47, Joey Fatone, age 46, Chris Kirkpatrick, age 51, and Justin Timberlake, age 42, have gone from teen heartthrobs to DILFS… and in honor of their big reunion, I want to know who you find the hottest then and who you’d take to bed now. 


Let’s go down the list one by one and then I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section or on our social media pages. 

PS: “Better Place” actually sounds a lot less cringe than I was expecting based on the preview shared by People.

Lance Bass – then vs now


JS Chasez – then vs now



Joey Fatone – then vs now


Chris Kirkpatrick – then vs now


Justin Timberlake – then vs now


Source: People

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  1. Always have been a Backstreet Boys fan, even got to see them preform at SF gay pride back in 2010. Having said that I only ever found one of Nsync to be cute and that was Lance and it was even before he came out as gay so it was an added bonus once he did.


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