Nude Photo Of Channing Tatum From His Modelling Days Resurfaces

Looks like we’re finally getting the intimate look at Channing Tatum that Magic Mike sadly didn’t give us.


The stripper turned model turned actor has made a career off of his body, so there are plenty of men (and women) who are very interested in it

If you count yourself among the many in that description, count yourself lucky as well because we have been graced with a wonderful gift.

CocktailsAndCockTalk has unearthed some pictures from Tatum’s modelling days that are beautiful, bodacious, and breathtaking. The photos were taken from the photography book, Sombra by Ruven Afandor.

Amazon’s description of the book goes:


“Combining Ruven Afandor's elegant, erotic portraits and nudes of men with a selection of his opulent still-life tableaux that have been inspired by European painting, this is a sumptuous book that revels in the sensuous and the beautiful. "Sombra will appeal to collectors of fine art photography books as well as to connoisseurs of erotic iconography of the male figure.”

So yes, not only do we get to see a younger and twinkier Channing Tatum, but the photo is a nude picture as well.

Want to see the photo for yourself? You could either go buy the photography book, or you could just click here to this NSFW link. Don’t say we didn’t give you options.

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