NY Man Sues Ex For Outing & Stealing From Him


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One man is suing his ex for stealing from him, outing him as gay, and threatening to send revenge porn to his friends and parents.


According to the New York Post, a man, whose only being identified as Joe, has filed a revenge porn (spreading naked photos/videos of someone without their permission) complaint with the NYPD against his ex-boyfriend Anthony Trujilo. According to the lawsuit, the two men broke up in January of this year after being together for 11 months. Then Trujillo allegedly became hostile.

The lawsuit claims that Trujillo started to show up at Joe’s apartment with Joe’s house keys and $12,700 IWC Portuguese 7 Day watch, but refused to return them. Joe says he eventually left the apartment to stay at a friends’ house out of fear.

Next, Trujillo allegedly started threatening to out Joe to his family and friends. Trujillo feared what this would do to his career and personal life. This eventually led to Joe reporting Trujillo to the police for harassment and threatening him with revenge porn (which is an official crime in the state of New York).

Photo by Sanetwo Sodbayar on Unsplash

Unfortunately for Joe, Trujillo then allegedly went through with the threat. Joe claims that Trujillo outed him to a co-worker, close friends, and his own parents a few days later. This led to Joe allegedly having to go through several uncomfortable conversations.

Trujillo later denied his ex’s claims of theft and revenge porn. Though he later admitted to outing Joe to friends and family, but in his telling it was an accident and it was to ask for help about their relationship.

“It’s another thing he made up in his head,” Trujillo said, according to the New York Post.

“I have moved on and I am with someone new now,” Trujillo said. “I thought this chapter in my life was closed.”

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