NY Yankees Will Show Their Pride in a Different Way

It’s no secret that the NY Yankees are the only team in the MLB that has not hosted an LGBTQ Pride night for its fans. NBC Sports reported last month that the Angels announced they would host a Pride night next year. But just weeks later after news, the Yankees have finally announced that they will be letting their rainbow flags fly for a Pride night next year as well.

According to SNY.tv not only will the Yankees celebrate Pride, but theirs will be more than just that. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, happening in 2019, the Yankees will commemorate the historic event at their Pride night. Their goal is to elevate Pride nights and give them deeper meaning. According to Yankees spokesperson, the team had already had this concept in the works—before the Angels announced their night. This must be their way of saying…last BUT not least.

There are no specifics on what will transpire during the NY Yankees Pride night, but it is believed they will hold events inside and outside the ballpark.

Welcome to the Pride game, Yankees!

h/t: NBC Sports, SNY.tv

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