NYC Fashion Week + Marco Marco = Neon + P*rn Stars + Drag Queens

Thanks Ernie and the boys at Anti Twink for brightening up our Mondays. 

With a little help from models, ballet dancers, drag queens, queens, and more than a handful of porn stars and tight fitting neon undergarments, this year's Marco Marco Runway exhibit at NYC Fashion Week put a little spring in our step.

Here's the video below of Marco Marco's entire show courtesy of The Underwear Expert.



Also at The Underwear Expert, Colby Melvin tells us more about the Marco Marco show, the designer's attitude toward design, and the good cause supported by the show. I learned something.



Bravo Boys and thanks for the show!

7 thoughts on “NYC Fashion Week + Marco Marco = Neon + P*rn Stars + Drag Queens”

  1. I think it’s really great the

    I think it's really great the gay community chooses to support its queer artists of all trades, from dancers to porn stars. People are judgmental enough just because we are different and like sex. We have to stick together as much as possible. Bravo Marco Marco!

  2. One of the very few times I’m

    One of the very few times I'm ashamed of gay men is these over-the-top gay designers at Fashion Week. I really think they do everything in their power to prove the old stereotype "Gay men hate women (and other men)". Many of these clothes suck Venice canal water; what are they thinking???


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