NYC’s Gotham Knights Rugby Team Takes It All Off For A Good Cause

Gotham Knights Edited Calendar Cover

On the evening of November 20th, 2019, the most gorgeous moon(s) will be on display for all to see in New York City. I’m not referring to the planetary kind. I’m talking about the bodacious bare butts featured in the latest 2020 calendar for Gotham Knights Gay/Inclusive Rugby Team.

Baaaby, if you like your rumps round, muscular, athletic, and robust, then the new Gotham Knights Calendar will have your name (or something) all over it.


To celebrate the calendar’s release, the New York-based athletic club will host its annual fundraising party at the popular Industry Bar in Hell’s Kitchen. The highly-anticipated event is a build-up towards the bi-annual Bingham Cup to be hosted in Ottawa, Canada, in the summer of 2020.

The tournament is named after the 9/11 American hero and LGBTQ icon, Mark Bingham, who tragically lost his life as one of the passengers who fought back against terrorists on United Airlines Flight 93.

Before the 911 tragedy, Bingham and local rugby player Scott Glaessgen had been planning to form a rugby team in New York City. Though Bingham never got to see the plan fully realized, the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club emerged from those efforts, and today boasts a thriving sports organization that is inclusive of both gay and straight players.

“When we set out to bring back the Gotham Calendar, we didn’t just want to bring back scantily clad men with carefully placed rugby memorabilia,” says Wilco Froneman, the creative director of the Gotham Knights 2020 Calendar. “We wanted this calendar to be representative of the great heritage of this club, while also being provocative enough to lure a wide variety of interest.”


Clearly, that strategy is paying off. Pre-sale orders have been coming in from all over the US and even internationally from countries such as Norway.

On a personal note, I realized after seeing the sexy cover photo for the calendar that I recognized one of the players in the picture. His name is Brad. I happen to follow him on Instagram and have met him in person. He is gorgeous, bearded, tall, and strapping. Seriously, the bootylicious way this man fills out a pair of pants deserves its own Instagram account. Now, I no longer have to ponder what that gorgeous gluteus might look like underneath his dashing wardrobe. It’s a rugby-built booty, and it’s as perfect as I imagined.

Brad, 2020 Gotham Knights Calendar

Brad isn’t the only hunk on the team, however. In fact, the diverse athletes who make up the Gotham Knights are all sexy in their own right, with distinct personalities all their own. As for the gorgeous images from the calendar, they come from the talented eyes of photographer Mike Esperanza who shared that he hopes audiences will fall in love with the final calendar, just like he did.


Sexiness and social consciousness are two of my favorite things. The Gotham Knights calendar launch combines both; for every sexy calendar sold, a dollar with be donated to an LGBT cause or organization.


So if you’re in New York City, come out and join the fun with a happy hour between 7-8pm, followed by some live performances by club members, calendar sales, and an opportunity to meet the calendar models, rugby players and the Gotham Knights rugby team in person. I know all that just made you real thirsty, so stop by and get your drink on – all for a good cause.


Have a look at that cover image – un-edited 

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