NYC’s Most Anticipated Nightlife Space Announces Four New Investors

The Q remains one of the most anticipated nightlife openings in recent memory, and if the crowds at nightlife establishments this past weekend is any indication, we can expect an extremely memorable opening when The Q opens their doors on NYC Pride weekend at the end of June. I sat down with two of the men behind The Q, Alan Picus and Frankie Sharp, who just announced their four brand new investors, Billy Porter, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Carver, and Jake Shears! I sat down with Picus and Sharp who gave me an update on the Q’s progress, and I got some info directly from Jake Shears & Charlie Carver themselves on what made them come on board with The Q! 


Michael Cook: So you just announced some pretty heavy hitting investors; tell me about what you think each of them brings to The Q?

Frankie Sharp/Alan Picus: It was important that we had investors that were queer New Yorkers and lovers of nightlife and the arts. With the four of them together they are representing Broadway, film, television, the music industry and fashion…all the things we New Yorkers love.

MC: Your selection of investors looks to be curated very carefully. What made you decide to collaborate with the investors you have announced so far?

FS/AP: First and foremost, they are all true New York artists and serious about their work in our beautiful city, but they are also all purveyors of nightlife. I believe I met all of them on the dancefloor and we’ve all since become friends. Jake Shears was a go-go boy before he was the lead man of the Scissor Sisters; did you know that? Charlie Carver used to come to WestGay, and Zachary Quinto did too. So I think partnering in a queer nightclub for this crew really is full circle. Also, we all understand the importance of spaces like this. Especially after what we’ve all endured in 2020.

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MC: Any further investors that you will be announcing perhaps?

FS/AP: That’s it for now. It’s already a dream team!


MC: How has construction of The Q been going? Anything you can announce so far?

FS/AP: We’ll be opening all four floors Pride weekend 2021 with huge club nights throughout the weekend packed with amazing DJs and Performers.

MC: You look to be crafting a full-scale event space, everything from cabaret to full dance floor experience. Has this always been the intent of The Q?

FS/AP: Our plan was always to create a space that gave you no reason to leave. It’s a four floor queer nightlife complex that is the brick and mortar venue that will incorporate many of the variety of events we have curated throughout our careers, as well as showcasing lots of our new local musical shining stars. We’re gonna give you EVERTHING!!!

Photo Credit-Jake Shears (Facebook)

MC: What is your connection to New York, New York Nightlife and specifically Queer and Gay New York Nightlife?

Jake Shears: I moved to NYC in 1999 and started performing in clubs and parties soon thereafter. If it hadn’t have been for that world, and its open arms and inspiration it gave, my life would have looked completely different. NY Nightlife completely shaped me.

MC: What inspired you to join The Q as an investor?


JS: I’m thrilled to help usher in the kind of space that the city really needs. New York nightclubs can be a great place to cut your teeth, be creative and figure out who you are. And also, I’ll do anything if it’s gonna make people boogie.

MC: What is your connection to New York, New York nightlife, and specifically queer and gay New York nightlife?


Charlie Carver: I return again and again to New York, and each time I feel like a part of me comes home. My dad lived there, and while I was growing up, I was entrusted to explore the city on my own – little cafés, tucked away galleries, and of course all of the green spaces. As I got older, those adventures began to include trips down to the bars in the East Village and then to parties further afield. I feel like I came into my own in some of those spaces (and definitely earned my dancing stripes). New York nightlife is magic; there’s so much activity around you 24/7 that going out at night is about more than just gathering… It is celebration. It is co-creation. It is sublimation. And to me, it was and is an essential part of working stuff out and saving up some joy.

MC: What inspired you to join The Q as an investor?

CC: Frankie is a legend! I used to go to Westgay and Dreamland and always had the best time. I think there’s something so generous about Frankie’s attitude towards nightlife – he really wants to GIVE people a good time, and you can really feel that as a tangible quality of your night. I was inspired by his vision for The Q as a real update of the “mega club”; something less hegemonic, more welcoming, and proudly and unapologetically queer in its design and programming. I’m so excited for the doors to open and to get to share in it all.


MC:The big question; when is opening weekend? Any hints you can give about what to expect?

FS/AP: Well be open Pride weekend and ofcourse implementing all CDC and statewide covid guidelines in doing so. I know already that its gonna be a crazy Summer.

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