Nyle DiMarco Drags Dane Cook After He Makes Nasty Joke About Deaf People

Nyle DiMarco, who outside of being a “top model” has also been an outspoken advocate for the deaf community, slammed comedian Dane Cook after he tweeted a horrific joke about people who are hearing-impaired on Wednesday night.

Dane’s tweet, which appears to have been deleted since he posted, reads as follows:

“What a deaf person wakes up late for work do they loudly sign “F**K MEEEEE” to themselves as they get hastily ready?”

The top response on the tweet before it got taken down was from Nyle himself, who used Ariana Grande’s number one hit as inspiration for a clap back. “thank u, next” he wrote.

Nyle then mocked Dane’s original tweet with his own funny version of it, writing “WhEn A dEaF pErSoN wAKeS uP lAtE fOr wOrK dO tHeY lOuDy sIgN “F**K MEEEE” tO tHeMsElVeS aS tHeY hAsTiLy gEt ReAdY? 0_o.”

He wasn’t done there, as Nyle followed that up with “I forgot L in loudly but that’s because Dane took the L.”

Nyle then saved all the receipts from Dane’s post and combined them into one tweet that was captioned with “Poor guy.”



Dane’s Twitter account, as of Thursday morning, only shows one tweet over the past 24 hours courtesy of fellow comedian Jim Jefferies and his support of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. He retweeted this after the whole situation with him and Nyle occurred.

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