Nyle DiMarco Gives us A Tour Wearing Next to Nothing

We've seen Nyle DiMarco in various states of undress before, however his latest near-naked post may have finally given us a thirst-induced heart attack that we are still recovering from.


Nyle is in NYC as he is producing the Broadway show Children of a Lesser God, which opens tonight.  New York Magazine let him take the reigns of their Instagram stories today, where he took their followers on his journey throughout The Big Apple.

Children of a Lesser God was originally a Broadway play in 1979 before it became an Oscar-winning adaptation in 1986.  The revival, opening at Studio 54 tonight, Stars Joshua Jackson and Lauren Ridloff as an unconventional teacher at a school for the deaf and the remarkable woman he meets there, respectively. 


One of his stops happened to be him catching up with his cutie twin brother (NOT boyfriend) Nico, who he hasn't seen since Christmas. He is DJ'ing after the premiere of Lesser God later this evening.

He then brought us back into his hotel room, where he showed what he looked like after he took a shower (yum). Then he laid down on his bed in the same towel where he debated going shirtless to the premiere or wearing a suit. We are honestly fine with either.


Best of luck in the revival, Nyle! 

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