Nyle DiMarco Invites Us into His Bed on Valentine’s Day

Nyle DiMarco doesn’t really have to do anything in order to showcase what a handsome beast he really is.


The former America’s Next Top Model winner has once again made us think naughty things of him. He posted a seductive video and photo on Instagram Tuesday, February 12, where he asked his followers what they were doing on Valentine’s Day.





wyd on valentine’s?

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Both the photo and video are incredibly sexy, as the 29-year-old posed shirtless on a random bed. The clip he shared allowed viewers to get as close to him as possible, with the camera zooming in on his piercing eyes.


The Instagram upload was enough to make some of his followers sweat, notably RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja (Sutan Amrull). He admitted to being way too “nervous” to introduce himself while they were at Life Ball in June 2018.

Nyle has a history of making his followers weak in the knees. He’s shared his booty for the world to see in the past as well as leaving little to the imagination at the beach.

I’m pretty sure that several people would clear their schedules for him this Valentine’s Day. Hand included.

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