Nyle DiMarco Is Giving You Good Cop (Or Bad Cop?)

Following up his sexy American Sign Language version of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” music video, deaf model and activist Nyle DiMarco served up some police officer realness in a new promo video for TBS’ Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.


Dressed in a police officer’s uniform, DiMarco and Bee invite the viewers to tune in tonight  to learn how “police can responsibly interact with the Deaf community.”

Here’s the promo – but make sure you watch to the end.


It looks like the dashing DiMarco’s time as the celebrity guest host at Chippendales is still paying dividends.

The duo followed that with another promo where Bee shares that tonight’s episode will focus on “another group mistreated by the police” – the deaf and hard of hearing.

She also finds out that ASL for ‘Full Frontal’ is way sexier then ‘Last Week Tonight.’


Make sure you tune in for Full Frontal tonight at 10:30pm ET on TBS.

And since Nyle is in the mood to be ripping clothes off, let’s take a trip on the way-back machine to the time when he was thrilling audiences in Las Vegas alongside the hunky Chippendales.


Ah, good times…

(h/t Twitter/NyleDiMarco – photos courtesy of Chippendales)

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