Nyle DiMarco Leaves Little to the Imagination at the Gym

Nyle DiMarco has simultaneously melted our hearts and heated us up several different times since he rose to fame on America’s Next Top Model in 2015.

His modeling career has shot through the roof since then, which has given us a bird’s eye view of the hunky 29-year-old’s frontside and his back (emphasis on back).






feelin cute, might delete later tho idk

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Nyle has kept his body in tiptop shape throughout it all. One way of keeping himself in this sort of physical prowess is by hitting up the gym. Duh.

His recent trip to one of these facilities happened to have a rooftop where he took a shirtless snap. This is all and great, but the focus in the photo wasn’t his rock-hard abs, it was something right below it.






when your gym has a rooftop

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It’s something his fans took notice of immediately. Here are some of the better ones:

Nice view of the… beach.”

“Lawd I can’t breathe (insert eggplant emoji).”

“Bish I'm pregnant.”

Someone also suggested that Cocky Boys and Sean Cody hire him as an exclusive. Don’t think that will happen anytime soon, though.                                                         

What do you think?