Nyle DiMarco May Run for Prez in 2020 With His Shirt Open & Pants Undone

The benefits of having Nyle DiMarco as our President in 2020 are truly beneficial.  For one, he could teach a great part of our nation ASL (sign language).  He can show us how to pose and dance the best way we can (he did win two shows that specialized in both).  Oh, and he would be a major upgrade for us looks wise compared to the orange zit we have running things now.

Nyle posted a great photo of him on his Instagram done by Taylor Miller (link here) which has the American flag placed firmly in the background, his shirt open and his pants undone. This would make for quite the Presidential portrait indeed.


Running in 2020. Will you vote for me or nah? : @taylormillerphoto

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