Nyle DiMarco Receives Major Backlash for Taylor Swift Tweet

Nyle DiMarco, who got a ton of likes and happy emojis over the weekend due to his naked photo shoot that he posted on his Instagram, is sort of getting the opposite with a tweet that he sent which sort of shades pop singer Taylor Swift depending on how you look at it.

A popular thread that went out on social media in early November was a photo of Taylor from her video "Look What You Made Me Do," asking the question "Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift."

Nyle, who is a deaf individual, responded to that question and gave an answer detailing what his deaf grandfather went through in his younger years.

A lot of handles accused him of putting out a sexist tweet that also insulted deaf individuals.

Others saw him as simply making a beautiful tribute to his grandfather.

Do you think Taylor's fans took his answer way out of line? 



11 thoughts on “Nyle DiMarco Receives Major Backlash for Taylor Swift Tweet”

  1. I kinda feel like there is a

    I kinda feel like there is a time and place for everything, and I don't really get his response. It wasn't necessary or related to the post, really. Kinda feel like it was a tacky way to plug a story about your grandfather instead of just tweeting about his accomplishments on their own. 

    • Fuck off.  Everything about

      Fuck off.  Everything about Taylor is tacky as fuck.  Don't be mad someone dropped a little knowledge on your ass.

  2. If Taylor was stating such,

    If Taylor was stating such, as if she was stepping out of bounds and beyond what is expected, despite challenges, then maybe  Nyle was sharing what his grandfather was able to do, with his great challenges. About this grandstanding from the deaf community or others about comparing deaf to dumb, that was a common statement: dumb, in -as unable to express oneself like "regular" folk. The expression was: the 'deaf and dumb', and despite their innate intelligence, many who were deaf continued to be unskilled and considered uneducated. That's the way it was until change occurred in the 60's-80's from deaf folk who pushed forth for their legitimacy.

  3. I don’t get how he was

    I don't get how he was throwing shade at Taylor Swift. If anything he insulted his grandpa by saying he was a badder bitch than her. People are always looking for the negative in things these days. Calm TF down with all the pessimism and being offered def and outrage over every little thing. This world is hard enough without all the crybabies in the world up in arms over every little thing!

  4. Yes- way out of line- he was

    Yes- way out of line- he was stating his truth- it doesn’t have to be anyone else’s. If you put it out in the universe you will get different opinions! Still live both Nyle and Tay


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