Nyle DiMarco Responds to Twitter Troll Who Mocked Him for Being Deaf

Nyle DiMarco opened up this week about his frustrations with facilities for deaf people in cinemas, claiming the lack of closed captioning on screens, concluding with "Theaters are basically for all the able bodied people"

Although his tweets were met with positive reaction from the general public and the deaf community, one twitter user didn't seem to share the same views as Nyle, exclaiming "if you are deaf or blind it seems movies aren't for you and you should probably pursue other hobbies".

DiMarco responded to the ignorance, tweeting "what we deal with everyday".

The theater has since responded to DiMarco's frustrations, tweeting him directly, claiming they take these issues seriously, asking the model to contact them.


1 thought on “Nyle DiMarco Responds to Twitter Troll Who Mocked Him for Being Deaf”

  1. While I do not by any means

    While I do not by any means condone the trolling, I do not think it would be fair to the vast majority of moviegoers to have open captioning. Just like people's illuminated cell phone screens in a dark theatre, the captions can be distracting. Yes, it is unfortunate that deaf people cannot necessarily enjoy the full movie going experience, but that it life. Ruining the experience for others is not the answer.

    There are special glasses that provide the wearer with closed captioning only visible to them.


    Is it solution 100% fair/equal? No…but neither is life.


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