Nyle DiMarco Shades Trump in a Truly Hilarious Way

While certain social media users think that Nyle DiMarco and his brother Nico are actually boyfriends, the former has had other things on his mind as of recent including the persistent issues that people who are deaf or with hearing problems face on a daily basis.

He shared a tweet from a user who complained to AMC Theaters about their alleged lack of help when it comes to their deaf and hard of hearing guests who buy passes to see the movies they screen.  "Theaters shouldn’t be for able-bodied people only," he captioned the tweet.



Then, he started expertly shading users who either said disparaging things about deaf/hard of hearing people, such as this lovely fella:



A simple response of "retweet if you use subtitles" received over 100,000 RT's and likes due to what that particular commenter had to say.



This brought up his further point regarding open captioning being available at all movie theaters:



But that was all leading up to quite possibly his shadiest comment yet, where someone DM'd him asking "Nyle what about having a ear surgery??? Why don't you medically treat it"

His response:



Well done, Nyle.  Well done on all ends here.


What do you think?