Nyle DiMarco Reminds Us Why Summer Is So Awesome (And Sexy)

Credit: Nyle DiMarco Instagram

Nyle DiMarco has no doubt been one of the sexiest guys for us to ogle over ever since he made his delicious debut on America’s Next Top Model’s 22nd season (which he won) many years ago.

His physique is one to admire but there are many other parts to him that we have come to love and appreciate. For one, he’s great at shaking his groove thang as seen on Dancing with the Stars season 22 (again, which he won). He’s also an accomplished actor on shows like Station 19 and This Close


The Queens, New York native got us all in a fluster once again when he posted a bunch of throwback Instagram photos and videos during his time in Europe on Sunday, July 5.

It appeared to be a way for him to reminisce about a pre-covid time where normal everyday activities like hanging on a boat and partying with friends were normal compared to what’s going on in the world today. 

But, let’s focus on the positive here. Dude looks smoking hot. And he’s wearing next to nothing in a lot of the shots! Please enjoy the below for your viewing pleasure. 

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