Nyle DiMarco Trolls A Follower On Social Media Who Thinks He ‘Looks Deaf’

Social media has easily become a great place to find the biggest idiots in the world, and Nyle DiMarco was lucky enough to spot one earlier today.

Nyle, who is deaf and has become a major advocate for the 70 plus million people like him, had no problem trolling the f**k out of someone who made a very stupid comment on one of his pictures. 

Luckily, he blurred out their user name (many wouldn't), but the comment read as follows: "Doesn't even look deaf" followed by a series of really, really idiotic emojis.

Nyle's response? "so happy i don’t look deaf!!!!" 



The comment, posted on Thursday afternoon, has received a ton of likes, retweets and comments to further this social media user's dumbassery.  One particular person who chimed in is YouTube personality Tyler Oakley, who had this to say:



Another one of Nyle's followers reminded us just how hot "deaf" really looks.  We couldn't agree more.



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